The Diablo A's Model A Ford Club
Concord, California

We have been a chapter of the Model A Ford Club of America (MAFCA) since 1968. We are dedicated to the restoration, preservation and enjoyment of the Model A Ford automobile. We serve as a medium of exchange for ideas, information and parts for admirers of the Model A Ford car, and we aid them in their efforts to restore and preserve the car in its original likeness. We also provide a means for owners and enthusiasts to become better acquainted and we encourage the spirit of good-fellowship, social activities, and the use of the Model A Ford in numerous family events and outings.

We publish a monthly newsletter, The Moto-Meter that is delivered to member's homes and is available on the club web site or by email. It contains news items, classified ads, hints and tips about the Model A, and a schedule of upcoming events. The Diablo A's Website provides additional information about the club. It is at

We usually schedule a club tour each month so we can drive our Model A's to some destination, usually within 50 miles of Concord. There are a number of special tours each year. In January we usually have the Brunch Tour where we travel to a nice restaurant for an elegant brunch. The Anniversary Tour is held in August and commemorates the first tour the Diablo A's held in August, 1968. Our Mystery Tour is usually an overnight tour held in October, and the final destination is to be known only by the tour organizers. We also have a Holiday Awards Banquet each December where various members are recognized for their contributions to the club and the incoming board members are introduced.

In addition to monthly tours, the Diablo A's holds two meetings each month. The General Membership meeting is generally held on the third Friday of the month (except December) at the Faith Christian Fellowship Church - 860 Bancroft Road - Walnut Creek, CA. Meetings typically last about 30 to 45 minutes and there are refreshments afterwards. There are special meetings every so often such as a potluck, ice cream social, and pie social.

The Board Meeting, generally scheduled on the first Monday of each month, is held in the homes of various board members on an alphabetically rotating basis. This meeting is attended by members of the board, (president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, editor, tour coordinator and past-president). The purpose of this meeting is to discuss and resolve administrative topics. This meeting is open to the general membership.

In addition, a Technical Seminar is scheduled for most months. This seminar is a training session and is led by members who have special expertise in the various areas of Model A maintenance, repair, and restoration.

The Diablo A's makes donations to the Contra Costa Food Bank twice a year. This donation comes directly from the club members and is matched dollar for dollar up to $250.00 from the club treasury.

The Diablo A's is a member of ACCC (Association of California Car Clubs) which is composed of a group of car clubs through California. The ACCC monitors legisvative actions that may impact the "old car hobby". They contract with a professional lobbist to provide input to the state legistrators on potential bills that may impact the old car hobby. Their website is

Elected Officers:

The President does presidential things. He or she runs the meetings and acts as the contact and representative for the club in various situations.

The Vice-President stands in for the President when he or she is absent. He/She is also required to keep current the club website photo roster.

The Secretary takes notes from the general membership meeting and the board meeting.

The Treasurer collects dues, pays bills and keeps track of the savings and checking account.

The Editor is responsible for putting together our monthly club newsletter, The MotoMeter.

The Tour Coordinator is responsible for organizing a tour schedule and assisting tour leaders with the details like destination, sign-up sheets, rules, and communications.

The Past President/Membership Chairman is more affectionately known as "Keeper of the Stuff" -- patches, license plate frames, videos, and various awards won by the club over the years. Also this person is responsible for greeting guests and visitors. This person is also responsible for maintaining inventory of guest books, new member books and Visitor & Guest information sheets. This person also initiates action of the "New Member Check List & Procedures" by electronic scanning and emailing this document according to the document procedures.

Appointed Officers:

The Sunshine Person is the health and welfare contact in the club. He/She keeps us aware of how everybody is doing.

The Refreshment Coordinator is responsible for organizing a refreshment schedule: people volunteer to provide goodies at the general meeting. The club reimburses the volunteers. During the year we also have two potlucks, a pie social and an ice cream social.

The Vest Person is the contact for obtaining a Diablo A's vest with the patch on the back. He or she is responsible for sewing the vests for new members. The club provides the material and the member pays for the cost of the club patch.

The NCRG Representative is responsible for attending the various NCRG meetings and communicating NCRG's activities and events to the club.

The ACCC Representative is responsible for attending the annual meeting held in Sacramento in April and communicating the various points of interest to the general membership.

The Photographers are appointed people responsible for taking pictures during club events to make available for the Motometer and other historic needs.

The Advertising Person is to find and keep sponsors to advertise in the monthly Motometer. These are business we club members do our best to use their services.

The Video Coordinator is to create the club DVD's and produce, sell, ship and maintain inventory of all video products.

The Webmaster sets up and maintains the club web site and is to keep the site up to date when and as directed by the board.

The Public Relations Person is responsible for promoting the club and its activities for exposure to the community and the general public.

The Wearables Person is responsible for finding vendors for all club wearable items and make them available through the club web site for all members.

The Roster Manager is a person who is responsible for keeping the club roster up to date at all times. This person will make available the roster for the club web site and make available printed copies at the club meetings at least twice a year for the members who do not have web capabilities. Also this person shall submit once a year those names of club members who have achieved special anniversary status of five year achievements. Beginning at five year achievement, then ten year, fifteen year etc. This information shall also be made available by acknowledgement in the MotoMeter and at the Regular chapter meeting. In addition the Roster Manager will be responsible for sending the editor changes of the roster of name changes (new members, dropped members etc.) on a regular basis for archiving purposes.

A Glossary of Acronyms:

MAFCA stands for Model A Ford Club of America and is the national body of Model A enthusiasts. National conventions are held every two years, while national banquets are held annually. MAFCA publishes a glossy magazine, The Restorer, six times a year.

NCRG stands for Northern California Regional Group, a loosely knit collection of 33 or so MAFCA clubs in Northern California. They hold three meetings each year: at the annual swap-meet in Turlock in January, at the NCRG Memorial Day meet in June and at the Labor Day Meet in September. There are also other regional groups: CCRG (Central California) and SCRG (Southern California).

MARC stands for Model A Restorers Club and is another national body of Model A enthusiasts. They also hold national conventions every two years and national banquets each year. They also publish a glossy magazine, The Model A News, six times a year.

ACCC stands for Association of California Car Clubs. It is a statewide body responsible for lobbying the legislature in Sacramento and being the watchdog for the antique car hobby.

Diablo A's Awards and Stuff:

The Outstanding Club Member is a perpetual plaque awarded annually to a club member or members who have provided extraordinary service to the club and exemplify the spirit of the Diablo A's.

Revised April 2012