The Diablo A's "Getting to Know..."

The Motometer newsletter features a write-up each
month on the history and activities of a member family.
This web page contains some of those write-ups.
More will be added as time passes.

Ron Accornero
Kon and Janet Andronis
Dick and Debbie Arnold
John and Claire Bailey
Denis and Diane Bianchi
Jim and Joan Bliss
Paul and Geneva Chiabotti
Jesse and Linda Cruz
Dee & Denny Desmond
Wayne and Peggy English
Doug and Reyanne Freeman
June Gentry
Elsie Goines
Ed James
Larry & Pam Lee
Ken and Elaine Matheson
Steve Mick and Alicia Watson
Herb and Marilyn Neumann
Mark Pighin
Ed and Patsy Pond
Bob Reed
Bob and Sandi Rigor
Tom and Barbara Sharman
David and Kristi Skidmore
Roland and Xiu Smith
John and Marge Tait
Larry and Diane Trimpey
Bill and Donna Truesdell
Martin and Irline Van Ardenne
John and Karen Villandre
Jim and Renee Werner
Troy and Loretta Whitehurst