Diablo A's Technical Seminar Videos
The Diablo A's are excited to offer our series of Model A Ford Technical Seminar Videos as a set of 22 different DVD's for a discount price! You can also order individual titles (see below).

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This is the list of titles in the series:
  1. Replacing Your Model A Ford Pickup Roof [40 minutes] Preview

  2. Rebuilding and Timing Your Model A Ford Distributor [32 minutes] Preview

  3. How to Replace Your Model A Brake Drums and Shoe Linings [28 minutes] Preview

  4. Rebuilding 2-Tooth Steering [45 minutes] Preview

  5. Rebuilding Model A Ford Shock Absorbers [72 minutes] Preview

  6. Rebuilding Model A Ford Springs [42 minutes] Preview

  7. Installing Flathead Ted's Brake Floater Kit on Your Model A Ford [35 minutes] Preview

  8. Replacing Your Model A Ford Timing Gear While on the Road [29 minutes] Preview

  9. Setting Engine Bearing Clearance on Your Model A Ford [ 28 minutes] Preview

  10. Rebuilding Your Model A Ford Transmission [44 minutes] Preview

  11. Rebuilding Your Model A Ford Water Pump [28 minutes] Preview

  12. Installing an Overdrive on Your Model A Ford [31 minutes] Preview

  13. Annual Tour Preparation [54 minutes] DVD includes a 10-minute
    BONUS video about Decking Your Model A Manifolds Preview

  14. Mounting a Tire and Installing an Inner tube [29 minutes] Preview

  15. 1931 Slant Window Fordor Roof Installation [52 minutes] Preview

  16. Rebuilding a Starter (6 and 12 volt) [75 minutes] Preview

  17. Replacing a Cylinder Head & Head Gasket [50 minutes] Preview

  18. Rebuilding the Front End Assembly [61 minutes] DVD includes an 11-minute
    BONUS video about Freeing a Stuck Spring Perch Preview

  19. Installing a Roof on a 1930 Coupe [40 minutes] Preview

  20. Rebuilding a Generator [62 minutes] Preview

  21. Replacing an Engine [65 minutes] Preview

  22. Rebuilding a Differential [61 minutes] Preview