Outstanding Service Award

Each year the members of the Diablo A's select an individual, couple, or family that most exemplifies the spirit of the Diablo A's. This award is presented at the annual Christmas Holiday Awards Banquet.

Larry and Diane Trimpey
Outstanding Members for 2017

Club members who have been honored with the Outstanding Service Award:

2016 Bob and Rose Estrella
2015 Marty and Nancy Larsen
2014 Doug and Rayanne Freeman
2013 John and June Rosploch
2012 Bill and Deb Pugh
2011 Barry and Ceil Callister
2010 Ed and Jeane James
2009 Roger and Donna Staggs
2008 Rich and Eileen Anderson
2007 Wayne and Peggy English
2006 Marilyn Neumann
2005 Bob and Sandy Rigor
2004 Bill and Donna Truesdell
2003 Steve Mick and Alicia Watson
2002 Alex and Ruth Janke
2001 Bob Reed
2000 Pete and Marianne Goodson
1999 Howard and Elsie Goines
1998 Bob and Lynn Grady
1997 Paul and Geneva Chiabotti
1996 Tom Jeanes
1995 Herb Neumann
1994 Cal and Florence Rose
1993 Al and Betty Glazier
1992 Larry and Theresa Forige
1991 Harold and Anne Valentine
1990 Tim and Sue Lindstrom
1989 Welden and Adriana Shore
1988 Ron Accornero
1987 Chuck and Jean Stewart
1986 Cecil and Nita Kissinger
1985 J.B. and June Gentry
1984 Howie and Elsie Boarman
1983 Earl and Fay Fisher